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Online Class Series: Schedule & Registration

Three Pumpkins

Conscious vs. Subconscious: And ways to interpret their signals

Subconscious Navigation: Reading your subconscious as an internal compass

Somatic Distress: Mind heal thy body

Walking Into Anxiety: Make stress stop in its tracks

Love Playing Tricks on Me?: Deciphering warning signals

Memory Overhaul: Rejuvenating your mind’s capacity

Reoccurring Dreams & Themes: What your mind wants you to DO about it

November line up

1.   Select your desired class topic/date from below calendar

2.  Register to reserve your selection (max. participants 20/class)

3.  Get ready to ... Thrive subconsciously! 


Single class $12

Package $30 (*3 classes)



Each class is 1 hr.







Q: Can I attend my class via phone, or do I need to use a computer?

A: Most devices are compatible; Apple, ios, Android, tablet, PC, desktop, etc. If I didn't list your intended device, email me & I will look into it.

Q: Do I absolutely have to interact during the class or may I just take notes & observe?

A: Participation is not a requirement, though it is recommended to maximize your benefit.  Keep in mind, I do observe many non-verbals so even if perhaps you might think you don't want to participate, if I notice your subconscious non-verbals begging to be called on, don't be surprised if I oblige! Lol.

Q: What if I don't want (or don't have) camera accessibility & I just want to listen in?

A: This is absolutely respected.  Only do (or don't) what makes you feel comfortable.

Q: If I'm on my lunch break at work & I just want to call in on my phone, can I?

A: Yes, of course.

Q: If I buy a package, can I use my 3 classes at any time?

A: Yes and no.  The 3 classes don't have to be in succession, though, the package is only good for 30 days from the time of purchase.  

Q: I registered, now what?

A: You're pretty much set.  But, do be on the lookout in your email to be receiving login/call in instructions along with your admittance code.  They should arrive 24-48 hours before your scheduled class time.

Q: What if I registered for a class that I will no longer be available to attend?

A: If you email me at least 24 hours before your class date, you will gain a credit towards another class in lieu of the one you'd previously registered for and would be missing. 


Q: How many different classes are there in total?  I don't want to miss any topics.

A: Over the next month, there will be 24 classes offered.  Some will be repeated 3 times, but most will only be offered 1-2 times that month.  So your best bet would be to check out the schedule below and if you see one that interests you, jump on it!  If you have any special requests for certain topics or scheduling offerings that you didn't find on the schedule, please feel free to contact me and I will do my best to accommodate.

**Having said that, however, keep in mind these classes are interactive & each one is structured in a way so that it best suits the needs of its participants.  For example, two classes, identical in Topic/Theme to address could literally go in two totally different directions so long as there was a different audience in each.  Theoretically, you could attend the same class topic every single day and as long as the participants change, you could be gaining a completely different experience each time.

Q: I can't afford therapy, can I just do these classes instead?

A: The classes will most definitely have therapeutic benefit, though they are not officially therapy sessions.  The best way to view these classes are as an in-between add on to your regular therapeutic services, which will no doubt intensify and perhaps even maximize the benefit you will gain from your in-office sessions.  However, if you are either unable to, or not sure if you want to yet, participate in individual sessions, these classes are a fantastic supplement.

Businessman in a Car
Laptop & Coffee
Girl Laying by Pool
Vintage Compass



 Reading your   subconscious   as an internal   compass...

 (and accurately   understanding it)




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