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Molly McGinnis, MPCC completed her undergraduate studies at Eastern New Mexico University with a Bachelors of Fine Art with a specialty in Psychology and Art Therapy. She received her Masters of Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Argosy University and studied at Arizona State University in the DBH program, Doctorate of Behavioral Health / integrative care.

Currently , she is seeking a specialized certification in  Subconscious-mind    Healing

~International Centre for    Subconscious-mind  Healing and Research in Brisbane, Australia. 

Molly was also a trauma therapist with Child Crisis, AZ and Resolutions Counseling, working with a wide breadth of clientele and a deep scope of various types of trauma and somatic disturbances.  She then began consulting and decided to establish McGinnis Theory & Practice (MT&P) in 2017.  MT&P is a life coach service and not affiliated in any way with the AZ Board of Behavior Health Examiners. 

Molly's specialty is targeting the underlying, core cause(s) for current barriers, and/or, any interruptions of trauma-healing utilizing various subconscious mind-healing interventions.  ~Trauma can be small, or it can be vast. Whether it be emotional, physical, or spiritual; trauma is trauma.  And the heaviness of it, weighs anyone down.  Alternately, its absence is freeing!

Integrative Medicine. Currently, she is seeking a specialized certification for subconscious-mind healing; International Centre for Subconscious-mind Healing and Research; Brisbane, Australia. 

At the start of her career, Molly worked with Calvary Addiction Recovery Center, treating over 2,000 young adults with either chemical or behavioral (i.e. gambling, sex, etc.) addictions as the primary Residential therapist for said population.  It was there that she discovered her devotion to trauma work.  



devotion to trauma work, and began the development of the McGinnis Theory on Subconscious healing


Now, SR works great for specific traumatic events, singularly, but what about a low grade, lingering emotional suffering like codependency or perfectionism?  When working with addiction recovery and relapse, Molly started tracking the causes for the relapses.  She noticed in the patients she was treating, it was not really the cravings that sent them spiraling downward, it was either  codependency or perfectionism, or both!   


She researched, developed, put into practice, and trained other professionals in an 8-week module specific to targeting codependency.  Additionally, she regularly gave lectures on the subject.

Currently, McGinnis Theory & Practice offers a 9-part program for both codependency and perfectionism and offers workshops as well.

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