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Regular Session Rates: $95 ea. session
             5-sessions: down to $73ea.
                                                    (total $365)
             9-sessions: down to $65ea.
                                                    (total $585)

When in doubt, choose LOVE. Always love. Lately, many clients have been coming in so affected by the magnitude of fear based energy that's been currently circulating. So I felt the call to post here similar to what I’ve said to them...



in short, surrender to Love. Have faith in the Universe. And then, keep it moving. 😊🙏 


oh, and most importantly, meditate whenever possible! Let’s do this y'all, Let LOVE trump FEAR.

Choose Love

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Easier said than done? We Get It!
At McGinnis Theory, we sat down to come up with a way we could help people find a deeper connection to Peace during this time of worry.  We knew that now more than ever, mind healing would be needed, however, also right now; financial restrictions have occurred.  So, we decided to come up with a plan!
1. While, we are still offering in office sessions, video/remote/phone sessions are available.
2. We've decided to extend a financial relief promo for the DURATION of this state of emergency
3. Promo: A temporary 20% off these (already discounted) packages:
Subconscious Reformation 
Trauma Release

Directive Therapy/Coaching 


$110 off!

$270 off!


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